"We had prepared for the match with the
gameplan of pressing them from the first
minute. Allegri asked us to be aggressive
because Sassuolo are a very technical
team, but scoring four goals in the first
half helped send us on our way.
"On Friday, we have a very important
match away at Fiorentina, we can't show
up already thinking about our Champions
League match against Tottenham, that
would be a huge mistake. Concentration,
awareness and a sense of responsibility
are the keys to success on our journey, we
still have a lot of games left until we play
Napoli so we will take each game at a
"I was waiting to score this hat-trick. I had
already scored two goals in a match
before for Juve and I was very happy to
achieve this, but I hope this will be the
first of many!
"I really like it when the midfielders give
me great passes, like the wonderful one
that Marchisio gave me for my second
goal. When you get an assist like that it
makes every scoring opportunity vital."
"We will prepare for the game starting
from Saturday, in these types of
competitions it matters little whether you
play at home first or away. What's
important is that on Tuesday we don't
concede a goal and that we score in order
to take a lead a London."