The decision to sell Diego Costa, Chelsea's top scorer of three seasons, and to keep Michy Batshuayi as a deputy to Alvaro
Morata always looked a questionable one.
Nevertheless, you'd struggle to find many Blues supporters that could justify the captures of Carroll and Crouch as improvements upon two international strikers.

Links to Edin Dzeko seem the only reports inspiring confidence. To the tune of £28 million, the ex-Manchester City man could make a return to England after 116 goals
and a Ballon d'Or nomination with AS Roma.
Cause for optimism on the shortlist ends there, though, and of all the people to add a pinch of salt to the situation, it's Eden
The Belgian isn't the most outspoken of players but gave an in-depth reaction to the rumours and the fact these strikers are
associated with route one football.
"Football is simple — keep the ball on the ground and try \(to play) like we did," according to the Daily Mail.
"I think we have two very good strikers in Alvaro and Michy. If they are not ready to play I can play striker, so I don’t think we
need \(another one).

"Because we are missing chances, people are saying we need another striker, but if we are scoring goals we are the best attack in the league and no one can say we need a striker.
"It depends on the form of the team and I think we’re happy with the team we have."
"When you see the second goal with Willian [against Brighton], it’s one of the best of the season because we create movement
with one touch, one touch, and then the finishing is good.
"We want to do more like this. Who is the best team this year? Man City. The strikers, Jesus and Aguero, are not big. It’s simple.
"It depends how you want to play. If you want to play with long balls you need a target man, if you want to keep the ball on
the floor you need a small guy. It depends how you want to play."